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Cuco de Frutos Fine Art Photography LLC is a partnership between Spanish photographer, Cuco de Frutos and New York based business manager, Patricia Tanner.

In her prior role at a prestigious hedge fund in New York City, Patricia worked closely with the art community in the procurement of artwork for the company’s offices.  She was exposed to many facets of the market and felt the frustration that many buyers have at the process of finding and purchasing art that both had meaning and a long lasting appeal to the collector.  She applies these lessons learned to her new role in the sales and operations of Cuco de Frutos’ collections.



For more than a decade, Spanish photographer, Cuco de Frutos, has captured his unique perception and vision of the landscapes and people he has encountered throughout his extensive travels of the world. He’s most widely known for his marked style of capturing light and multifaceted views through his unconventional use of reflective matter.

“I have been passionate about photos since I was very young. I  printed my first photo in 1991 of a sunrise on a beach in my hometown. As I started traveling, I realized that the camera allowed me to capture corners of the world through my own vision in the photographs.” Cuco de Frutos Photography has been featured in one solo exhibition in New York City, “Reflections”, and two solo exhibitions in Madrid, “The Good View of the Bad Boy” and “NYContrasts”.


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