For more than three decades, Spanish photographer Cuco de Frutos has been capturing his unique perspective and vision of the landscapes and people he encounters on his extensive travels across the globe. His limited edition and unique photographic artworks have been sought-after by private and corporate collectors worldwide. Cuco is best known for his distinct style of capturing light and multifaceted views through his unconventional use of reflective matter.

“I have been passionate about photos since I was very young. I printed my first photo in 1991 of a sunrise on a beach in my hometown. As I started traveling, I realized that the camera allowed me to capture corners of the world through my own vision in my photographs.” Cuco de Frutos’ works have been featured in numerous exhibitions, including “Reflections,” “The Shape of Water,” and “Mix” in New York, “The Good View of the Bad Boy” and “NYContrasts” in Madrid, “Tiempo de Cámara” and “Desde Mi Ventana” in Altea, Spain, and his most recent exhibition “Rediscovery” in Sotogrande, Spain.



My lifelong pursuit of aesthetic beauty has taken me on a journey across the globe, where I have connected with people and places to uncover the unknown. Through photography, I strive to convey my personal perspective and tell my own reality in a way that is both personal and orderly.

Growing up in southern Spain has shaped my relationship with photography, as I draw inspiration from the beauty, soul, and passion that surrounds me. My photographs are a reflection of my personal experiences and non-replicable moments that I find exceptionally rich in beauty. Through the use of strong contrasts and reflected light, I aim to awaken something in the viewer and offer a new perspective on the everyday.

My work is grounded in the simplicity of life, yet seeks to surprise and challenge the viewer’s perspective. By modifying the point of view, I offer a unique and personal interpretation of the world around us. As an artist, I am committed to remaining true to my origins and conveying my personal point of view through my photography.