Through this image, the artist allows us to see how the everyday becomes the extraordinary. Here lies the silhouette of Danaë, the mythological princess imprisoned in a dark cave by her father. The God Zeus desired her and showered the cave in rain thus impregnating her with a son. This ancient tale of mystical rains highlights the artists vision of water as a source of life.

72” x 40” - 182.88 cm x 101.6 cm
50” x 28.12” - 127 cm x 71.4 cm

Signed, Limited Edition of 10

Lightjet color photograph on Fujiflex Crystal Archive glossy.
Mounted under UV acrylic glass.

*Cuco de Frutos Fine Art Photography offers two sizes for each of its limited edition works in editions of 10 for each size. Prices are graduated by 10% after edition 5 so that as the edition sells through, the prices increase. Once an edition sells out, it is closed forever and will no longer be available.