Tunnel of Steps is perhaps one of the artist’s best examples of perspective both structurally and conceptually. The artist challenges the way we look at things and how we define the scenes around us. A tunnel is revealed as a staircase, an easy passage becomes a steep climb. “Life is not easy, success is not reached by shortcuts, what looks like an empty highway is a steep staircase full of obstacles that are difficult to overcome.”


60” x 40” - 152.4 cm x 101.6 cm
45” x 30” - 114.3 cm x 76.2 cm
Signed, Limited Edition of 17*

Lightjet color photograph on Fujiflex Crystal Archive glossy.
Mounted under UV acrylic glass.

*Cuco de Frutos Fine Art Photography offers two sizes for each of its limited edition works in editions of 17 for each size. Prices are graduated by 10% after edition 10 so that as the edition sells through, the prices increase. Once an edition sells out, it is closed forever and will no longer be available.

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